Posted in May 2012

dr. george sheehan

The process of following some inner guide that I don’t see but sense quite clearly has already led me to places I would never have gone on my own. Yesterday I spoke with a man who leads groups on a ropes course, and he recommended I read George Sheehan, a runner and a doctor who … Continue reading

risk and safety in play

I’m thinking today, after talking with an instructor, about how important these concepts of risk and safety are¬†when talking about play. School is a place where most students (I *almost* said “all students”) feel anxiety, if not fear. In this state they are not ready to learn — our brains are unable to incorporate new … Continue reading

what is play?

I’m working (there’s that word!) with Stuart Brown‘s *properties* of play (defining play is like defining love) as a place to start. Here they are: Apparently purposeless (done for its own sake) Voluntary Inherent Attraction Freedom from time Diminished consciousness of self Improvisational potential (not locked into rigid way of doing things, open to chance) … Continue reading