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When the world began, there was Love. Think of all the creation stories you’ve ever heard. In each there is Love, shown as two beings sharing love, or as one being extending Love into the Universe. We are created with love and we create with love. What about, you might say with cleverness, those creations … Continue reading



Yesterday I interviewed my husband, David, about his experiences with schooling. We have had many conversations over the years (we have been together for 25 years and have three children together, all of whom were homeschooled) about our school experiences and what we learned from them, but I wanted to hear what he would say … Continue reading

What I believe

I was cleaning out the closet in my workroom and didn’t so much run across as go looking for two boxes full of books and papers from a project I was part of a few years ago that didn’t go as I hoped it would. The boxes had been in there, calling for my attention … Continue reading

My friend Ruth

Ruth was born in 1905 in a mid-size city in Iowa. She was the youngest of four sisters, daughter to Julia, an Iowa girl, and to Louis, a Bohemian immigrant who worked as a carpenter and a contractor. Ruth and her sisters all went to college, and she and one of her sisters continued to … Continue reading

The Peach Tree

The branches are heavy with peaches, so heavy they touch the ground in places. The fruits are yellow and deep red. They call to me and to others passing by, who pause to look, to smell the peaches, to ponder reaching out and touching the velvet skin, giving a gentle squeeze to check ripeness, and … Continue reading


I turned 16 at the beginning of my junior year in high school. I think of this as a year when a lot of things shifted for me. I found out there were so many things that just didn’t matter. For one, what other people thought of me. (I realized it back then but actually … Continue reading

The Rabbit: a story

The rabbit was large. No. The rabbit was huge. Well, that’s not quite right either. The rabbit was all out of proportion with any size you might expect a rabbit to be, even those “Giant” rabbits you see being raised in Germany or Flemish…land (Belgium? Denmark? I never could get those place names straight). This … Continue reading

6 or maybe 7

I lay like a cat curled up in the sun. My eyes were closed but I wasn’t asleep. I was home from school and it wasn’t yet time for dinner. I was 6 or 7 years old, and I was laying on the floor by a sunny window in the room we called the den. … Continue reading

Marvelous Scars

Marvelous Scars

The world is a marvelous, magnificent and beautiful place. I may never see all of it myself, but I still love the world in all its variations, in the way life finds a way to grow in all conditions, all circumstances. And there is beauty in it all. Life adapts and thrives, adapts and thrives. … Continue reading

Morning Light Cold

When white covers the ground in smooth planes And the sun shines between bare branches and around corners of houses (This one and the neighbor’s) The shadows are blue And with the beauty of the deep cold My heart expands I actually feel movement in my chest as an energy greater than myself alone makes … Continue reading